Citizen Jane Productions is a female owned and run independent production company, that produces feature films and TV series. We strive to tell stories that matter about this world and the people in it.

Leila Lyytikäinen and Inka Hietala are the producers behind Citizen Jane Productions, together they develop, finance and produce feature films and drama series. The latest productions include the feature film Girl Picture (dir. Alli Haapasalo) the road trip drama series Dragons (creator Tom Saxman), the comedy series I’m Coming (creator Helmi Tolonen) and the feature film Life after death written and directed by Klaus Härö.

Citizen Jane Productions is also an experienced co-producer, the feature film Superposition (Beofilm, Denmark), the TV drama The Last Socialist Artefact (Kinorama, Croatia) as well as the documentary feature The first 54 years (Les Films d’Ici, France) were all co-produced in 2021.

We have many role models, one of them being Jane Addams (1860-1935), an American leader in women’s suffrage and world peace, who received the Nobel Peace Price in 1931.

Leila lyytikäinen

Leila Lyytikäinen

CEO, Producer

Leila Lyytikäinen is a seasoned producer with more than 20 years of experience. She has many feature films in her producer credits as well as the executive producer title on several big TV dramas such as Bordertown and Replacements.

Inka hietala

Inka Hietala


Inka Hietala has been working as a producer at Citizen Jane Productions since 2018. She has broad experience from the audiovisual field having worked with everything from music videos and commercials to feature length films and TV series.  

Isa Antas


Office & Production Coordinator

Isa Antas is soon to graduate from the Film and Media Production Programme at Arcada. Antas works at Citizen Jane Productions with productions in different stages, from early development to post production as well as taking care of the company’s day to day errands.