War for Clicks

5 x 3-5 min short documentar


Pussy for Beginners 

An educational film about women’s sexuality, genitalia and their functions during sexual interaction. Includes nudity.

Director and Screenwriter: Reetta Aalto
Animaton: Osuuskunta Animaatiokopla
Speaking: Tiina Luoma
Sound Design: Mika Niinimaa


O!PLA FESTIVAL – Animation Across Borders, Puola 2018
Nordisk Panorama, Sweden 2016
Hiroshima International Animation Festival (The Newest Finnish Animation -section), Japan 2016
Turku Animated Film Festival, Finland 2016
Animatricks, Suomi 2016 (Main prize in national competition)
Helsinki Short Film Festival, Finland 2015
Indian Cine Film Festival, India 2015


My Meme

Director Wille Hyvönen is going to create an all-time meme. He asks for help from meme masters whose videos have been watched millions of times. How a whole folks loved internet-hit is born? Can Hyvönen create one under controlled conditions?

Director and Screenwriter: Wille Hyvönen
Cinematographer: Jarmo Kiuru
Editor: Hanna Kuirinlahti
Sound Designer: Ville Katajala


Valtaoja revealsERROR_1

A dark matter and dark energy, an ancient “natural” nuclear power in Africa and why we haven’t   been visited by guests from outer space. Questions that were not supposed to be relate to each other.  Now Esko Valtaoja talks about the new surprising discovery that will change our worldview entirely.

Director and Screenwriter: Markus Kåhre
Cinematographer: Päivi Kettunen
Editor: Hanna Kuirinlahti
Sound Designer: Toni Teivaala


Tourettes Karaoke

Tourette syndrome is characterized by repeating involuntary movements and uncontrolled vocalizations. Guy is a international Youtube tourette karaoke star who can’t perform without swearing. In Tourettes Karaoke three Finnish persons with tourette follows Guy’s footsteps and sings karaoke together.

Director and Screenwriter: Salla Sorri
Cinematographer: Päivi Kettunen
Editors: Tuuli Alanärä, Hanna Kuirinlahti
Sound Recorder: Miki Brunou
Sound Designer: Ville Katajala


My War StrategyScreenshot from film without pictures My war strategy, directed by Iris Olsson.

An informational phone call of what to do if war comes to Finland.

Director and Screenwriter: Iris Olsson
Cinematographer: Sari Aaltonen
Editor: Iris Olsson
Sound Designer: Toni Teivaala


War for Clicks is one of the five projects selected for Dox@Net. The Internet and rapidly developing everyday technology have exploded the distribution of online videos.  Anyone can upload a video that gets more viewers than any television show. But what makes a video a hit? Now five filmmakers enter into a competition to see whose video will get the most clicks. Only illegal methods are forbidden, everything else is allowed in the attempt to gain the most views. They will offer nudity, singing competitions as well as celebrities. The competition will be fierce, only the number of clicks matters.
Directors: Salla Sorri, Wille Hyvönen, Iris Olsson, Markus Kåhre and Reetta Aalto. Production: Elina Pohjola / Pohjola-filmi

The Dox@net project was launched by The Finnish Film Foundation, the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture to look for short documentary film packages consisting of 3 to 5 minute long films. The project aimed to find provocative films with a new cinematic form. The Dox@net project films will be available on YLE Areena starting from January 2015.

More information about Dox@Net here.