The Salesmen of Happiness

Feature documentary

“When the chase for happiness becomes an obsession.

Today there are an exceptional amount of people who are willing to do whatever it takes to be as happy as possible. Director Wille Hyvönen was one of them until he met professionals who promise to make their customers happier and made a film about his own happiness. The Salesmen of Happiness got it’s premiere in 13.11.2015.

About the film:

Life coaching has become a huge business in Finland. Why are we so desperately searching for happiness in this society where things seem to be quite OK. Why are we looking for “more and better” all the time and have the feeling that what we have is never enough?

Filmmaker Wille Hyvonen meets three professionals who have found happiness and help others find theirs. With his camera, he takes part in trainings to see how these experts share their messages of happiness. At the same time Wille is on his personal journey to find out why he himself is so desperately trying to be more happy all the time. In addition to life coaches, we get to know Wille’s finacé Siiri, father Martti, and depressed poet friend Janne. Born in the 80’s, Wille represents the generation who for the first time has all the information and choices in the world, but also feels the pressure to have more and better…

Directing and screenplay: Wille Hyvönen
Cinematography: Jarmo Kiuru
Editing: Matti Näränen
Sound design: Niko Liinamaa
Music: Harry de Wit
Graphic design: Oskar Luyer, Captain Video
Producer: Elina Pohjola, Pohjola-filmi
With support from:
The Finnish Film Foundation, Elina Kivihalme
AVEK, Timo Korhonen ja Outi Rousu
Nordisk Film & Tv Fond, Karolina Lidin
The Netherlands Film Fund, Doreen Boonekamp
In assosiation with:
YLE, Ilkka Vehkalahti ja Erkko Lyytinen
DR, Mette Hoffman Meyer
UR, Daniel Pynnönen
ARTE G.E.I.E Culture Unit, Stéphane Monthiers, Catherine le Goff
Production, Heike Lettau
Human, Bert Janssens
Distribution: Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus, Juha Elomäki
International sales: Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International inc.