My Godfather, His Thai Bride and Me

Documentary film


Wille has a problem. His godfather, Finnish butcher Seppo is in love with Pin, a Thai woman. How could there be true love between a Western man and a Thai woman? It’s just prostitution by another name. The middle-aged man wants sex and to subjugate the young woman, she wants financial security.

This issue has troubled Wille since his godfather’s previous Thai girlfriend. Turned out she loved Seppo’s money instead of him.

Wille reveals his doubts to his godfather. Seppo wants to show Wille the reality of their relationship and asks Wille to join him for a month in Thailand’s Buriram to meet Pin.

Wille follows their life persistantly and harasses them with his questions and tests of Amor. Is it true love?

Director’s comment

Seppo is my godfather, uncle, and dearest relative. When he told me of his intention to marry his Thai girlfriend, I didn’t believe in their love for a minute. I was certain that this is just a mutual scam, p

rostitution in disguise. All I could see in their relationship was my own prejudice: the economical, cultural and social imbalance. I was ashamed that one of those woman-degrading cheauvinists was my godfather. I had to make him understand what he was doing.

At the same time I was hurt by the fact that one of the people closest to me felt so deeply about something that I couldn’t accept. I preach about tolerance and swear by multiculturalism, but I still had a terribly prejudiced view of this one group, Thai women. I couldn’t tolerate intolerance — least of all in myself. I was also afraid that bruised by life, Seppo couldn’t take yet another disappointment in his love life.

To have peace, I had to find out about the reality of their love. Seppo’s protests were just words to me. I had to see everything with my own eyes, and give the couple a chance to speak.



Written and directed by Wille Hyvönen
Dramaturg John Webster
Cinemathography Jarmo Kiuru
Sound Design Pekka Aikio
Editing Matti Näränen
Producer Elina Pohjola

Production fund : Finnish Film Foundation / Elina Kivihalme & AVEK / Timo Korhonen
TV-channel: YLE / Erkki Astala

Shooting 04-06/2011

My Godfather – His Thai Bride, And Me is one of the projects selected for Twelve for the Future 2011/2012, a co-production workshop for young Nordic documentary producers and directors.

Festival distribution: Finnish Film Foundation /
International sales and distribution: Ouat Media / fred.joubaud(at)

Nordisk Panorama 2012, in competition (New Nordic Voices -category)
Helsinki Short Film Festival 2012 (Specian mention)
IDFA 2012, in competition (Student category)
VERA Film Festival 2013
Nordic/Docs 2013
Reykjavik Short&Docs Festival 2013
Gdansk DocFilm Festival 2013, in competition
International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana 2013, in competition
Russian Open Documentary Film Festival “Artdocfest”, 2013