Maiden of the Lake

Web documentary, Tv-series, Feature documentary

Maiden of the Lake tells about the fun moments 13-year-old Emika and her cousin Antti have at a lake during all four seasons, surrounded by fascinating nature. Together the cousins roam in an untouched forest, swim, fish and pick bilberries. In the winter they sleep on the frozen lake, under the northern lights. In the spring they encounter the world’s rarest seal, the Saimaa ringed seal.

Maiden of the Lake is a breathtakingly beautiful nature story for the whole family.


Maiden of the Lake offers the viewers characters they can identify themselves with and a chance to feel nature. When Emika and Antti do all kinds of exciting things in nature, I want the viewers to feel that they can also go to nature and experience something memorable. I want to inspire and encourage children and parents to go out and have an adventure in nature!


Premiere: 5.4.2019

Director: Petteri Saario
Cinematographers: Petteri Saario, Antti Saario
Editor: Matti Näränen
Sound Designer: Joonatan Hietanen
Music: Markku Kanerva
Producer: Elina Pohjola

Zlín Film Festival, Czech 2019
Red Carpet Film Festival, Finland 2019
Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival, Finland 2019
Blue Sea Film Festival, Finland 2019
Festival Ojo de Pescado, Chile 2019
Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia 2019
MICHEL Kinder und Jugend Filmfest, Germany 2019
BUSTER Film Festival, Denmark 2019
Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival, Finland 2019