Feature film

Nisses wife Leila has just died, but he has mourned enough, just some practical arrangements left. Nisse decides it’s going to be a small funeral, no fuss. Sons, mothers and friends are overrun by Nisse who demands everyone to leave him alone and stop the lamentation! So there he is, alone with what remains..thesorrow. Nisse finally understands that he’s not the only one with the right to say goodbye.

Life After Death is a tragicomic film about an older man who manages to push the people around him away when he would need them the most. Despite the serious theme, the film has a comic tone. The characters’ inability to understand each other is simultaneously deeply tragic and comic. Life after death is the first autobiographical film by Klaus Härö, at the same time his first comedy.

KLAUS HÄRÖ (born in 1971) is one of Finland’s best-known and appreciated film directors. His films have won over 60 awards at international film festivals, including the Crystal Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and the Ingmar Bergman Award. In 2016 his film The fencer was nominated for the Golden Globe award. Film’s directed by Härö often have humane and relatable themes.

Written and directed by: Klaus Härö
Producers: Leila Lyytikäinen, Elina Pohjola
Cinematographer: Robert Nordström F.S.C.
Set design: Markus Packalén
Costume design: Riitta Peteri
Make-up artist: Pia Mikkonen
Editor: Thomas Täng SFK
Casting Minna Sorvoja

Nisse: Peik Stenberg
Stefan: Martin Paul
Elsa: Lena Labart
Brita: Sara Arnia
Priest: Jonas Bergqvist
Undertaker: Kent Sjöman
Custodian: Stan Saanila