Short fiction

#barewithme is a comedy about female empowerment and friendships that stay with you forever.

MADDE, 30, is out shopping with her best friends AURA and JULIA, when she suddenly sees a dark figure from the past: her ex-bff ELSI. Traumatized and panicked, Madde tries to hide. However, her friends won’t let her, and she is forced to make peace with her past. It’s Elsi’s turn to listen.

The main cast of #barewithme includes Ella Lahdenmäki, Karoliina Niskanen, Sonja Kuittinen and Niina Koponen.

Director: Ulla Heikkilä
Screenwriter: Anna Brotkin
Cinematographer: Pietari Peltola
Sound Designer: Arttu Hokkanen
Costume Design: Roosa Marttiini
Producer: Marja Pihlaja
Editor: Anna Berg
Executive Producer: Elina Pohjola

Production Support:
Suomen elokuvasäätiö / Pekka Uotila

In assosiation with:
Yle / Sari Volanen


Tampere Film Festival, Finland 2018
Season Film Festival, Finland 2018
Aspen ShortFest, USA 2018
Palm Springs International Shortfest, USA 2018
Seattle International Film Festival, USA 2018
Helsinki International Film Festival Love and Anarchy, Finland 2018
Brest European Short Film Festival, France 2018
Asiana International Short Film Festival, Korea 2018
Uppsala International Film Festival, Sweden 2018
Short Waves Festival Girl Shorts -selection, Poland 2019
Toronto International Film Festival, Short Cut series, Canada 2019
Newport Beach Film Festival, USA 2019
Comedy Film Festiva WILKOM, Viljandi 2019
CURTANEU short film festival, Spain 2019


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