Pohjola-filmi selected as The Fairest Employer of the Year 2017

Pohjola-filmi has been selected as The Fairest Employer of the Year 2017! The film industry awards were shared on Friday, 22 September in a gala held at Koko-theatre in Helsinki. This year the members of Union of Film and Media Employees Finland  had a change to vote the best employer in the industry.  The prize was awarded to an employer who values and treats his employees well. The award was granted to producer Elina Pohjola from Pohjola-filmi. Producer Elina Pohjola was described as a creator of a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Pohjola was praised of making contracts on time without problmens , on human working hours and on information flow. “I felt that my work was appreciated.”

“This is really important to me, thank you! The company doesn’t do anything alone but the people we work with. This award is dedicated to all the loved and talented professionals with whom it is fortunate to tell stories. I’ve grateful, let’s continue the same way! Thank you!” -Elina Pohjola