My Father from Sirius to Reykjavik International Film Festival

My Father from Sirius by Einari Paakkanen has been selected to Reykjavík International Film Festival! It’s an international film festival held annually in Reykjavík, Iceland. The festival lasts 11 days each year and emphasizes young talents.

My Father from Sirius will be screened at Films from the Arctic -section in three different days. Reykjavík International Film Festival will take place on September 28th to October 8th for 11th time.

In addition RIFF is hosting a panel where film makers, artists, the scientific community and stakeholders can talk to the public about the Arctic affairs. The Arctic will in focus of a special category of films at the International Film Festival in Reykjavík, RIFF, this year. Participants are director Einari Paakkanen and producer Elina Pohjola amongst all the other professionals.

Einari’s childhood could have been like that of any other Finnish boy, but everything changed when his father received enlightenment and began to communicate with light beings from outer space.

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