Maiden of the Lake to RealYoung

Petteri Saario’s documentary film Maiden of the Lake has been selected to RealYoung which is a financing forum for children’s films held in Malmö in March.

RealYoung is a 3-step program where creators, funders, experts and publishers will develop, present and network with the aim of bringing great real life stories for kids or youth across borders to an international audience.

Every day kids and youth consume a substantial amount of real life stories via YouTube channels, Instagram videos, Snapchats, TV and via many other outlets. Like sponges they absorb peer created content, cute cats, latest football goals, funny clips and much more. But where can they access edgy, daring, stimulating and thought-provoking reflections on real life?

Kids and youth grow up with visual media as the prime source for navigating and understanding the world around us. So how do we secure they are also offered an alternative to funny cats and laughing babies? With RealYoung we want to enhance the real life stories that can help shape the next generation and make them enhance their sense of being critical citizens, better understand the global society, navigate the complex digital media landscape, raise their understanding of other cultures and grow their entrepreneur- and leadership potential.

In the documentary feature Maiden of the Lake, the wonders of the wild are experienced through the eyes of Emika, a pubescant bird whisperer who lives between three cultures.

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