Funding from The Finnish Film Foundation to three productions

The Finnish Film Foundation has granted two production funds and one development fund for Pohjola-filmi’s productions!

Development fund was granted to childrens film Twig. Twig tells the story of siblings who steal the magical twig of Easter witch. And the witch wants the twig back. The film is written by Jarkko Olavi Virtanen, directed by Mari Rantasila and produced by Elina Pohjola.

Production funds were granted to documentary film Cross Country and short film Sintti.

Cross Country is a documentary film about immigrant children who get to know to Finland by learning to ski in The International Cross Country Ski School of Finland. The film will be directed by Einari Paakkanen and produced by Elina Pohjola.

Sintti is a story of a pregnant single mother who feels that everything crashes in her shoulders. Her eight-year-old girl on the other hand feels that world is filled with intriguing things which her mother just doesn’t see. The film is written by Marianna Laiho, directed by Reetta Aalto and produced by Pasi Hakkio.