#barewithme to Uppsala International Short Film Festival

#barewith me, written by Anna Brotkin, directed by Ulla Heikkilä and produced by Marja Pihlaja, will be screened at Uppsala International Short Film Festival in Sweden as a part of Funny Finland -section.

Finnish short film has always had a strand of self-deprecating humour, but an Oscar nomination and win at the Sundance Film Festival in the early years of this decade gave the Finnish short comedy a well-deserved boost. This programme includes those transatlantic smash hits, as well as films that, frankly speaking, should probably stick to these shores. This eight-course – and sometimes very coarse – meal is jam-packed with more or less subtle – well mostly less – hilarious takedowns of sensitive issues of language, gender, politics, and national character. Political correctness is its first victim. It won’t be its last. You have been warned. Uppsala has a large Sweden Finn population (approx. 16,000), and the Sweden Finns are one of the five national minority groups in Sweden. The programme is produced with support from the municipality of Uppsala, Finnish administrative area. Subtitled in English for the Finnish-impaired.

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